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why is my Chrysler voyager so hard to start?

I have just purchased a second hand Chrysler Voyager and am very happy with it. Its big but drives really nicely and has loads of space inside it.

However, my problem is that whenever I try to start it I always get the same problem.
When I went to look at it and wanted a test drive of the vehicle, the previous owner asked me if I'd ever driven a Voyager before. I hadnt so he told me there was a couple of things you have to do before starting the engine.
The first one was to put the keys into the ignition.
2nd, I had to press my clutch pedal in then press the "unlock" button on my key fob.
Then it was ok to turn the key and start the engine.

for the first couple of days this was no problem but now, after owning the vehicle for no more than 4 days, its getting infuriating going through the same procedure every single time to find that sometimes I have to do it 10 ten times before I can start the engine.
Most of the time when I do everything and then turn the key, it just goes dead. Nothing at all. The lights on the dash all work fine and the "alarm set" light even goes off. So why, when I turn the key does it not simply start.

Dont get me wrong, I'm all for extra insurance on vehicle security but there comes a point when all you want to do is to get in your car, start it and drive off.
I watched a woman at a super market the other day, unload all of her shopping into her car, take her trolley back, get in her car, start it and drive off before I could start mine.
I was actually already sat in my vehicle as she arrived to her car next to me to start with...

I had a full head of healthy brown hair before I bought this but now I've pulled most of it out and whats left is going grey!!!

please help anyone!!!

It might be me doing something wrong. If so then fine but if there's a problem then I need to get it sorted before I push it off the end of a cliff somewhere...

BTW, the car is a 1997 LE version with the 2.0 litre engine.

Thanks in advance...


June 2009

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

You should only need to put foot on clutch. Wait for coil light to go out then start.

April 2014

car keeps cutting out

December 2012

Hi Paul I'm having the same problem myself, have you managed to sort it? if so please let me know what to do thanks


August 2009

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power steering gone heavy on my chrysler voyager?

my power steering went stiff the other day so i replaced the power steering pump with a second hand one and refilled the fluid back up in was perfect for about 24 hours then last night i put the car on a full right lock it made a whining noise then went all stiff again can somebody please please hel...

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June 2020

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