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Locks on A Chrysler Town & Counrty?

My van locks with other people's keyless entry. Also my van locks when you honk the horn. What is wrong with my van?

D. Piper
November 2008

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New Question: The van is a 1998. Also it doesn't matter if other people are locking or unlocking their cars, my van will lock. Do you think it's the computer?

D. Piper
November 2008

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why is my Chrysler voyager so hard to start?

Hi, I have just purchased a second hand Chrysler Voyager and am very happy with it. Its big but drives really nicely and has loads of space inside it. However, my problem is that whenever I try to start it I always get the same problem. When I went to look at it and wanted a test drive of the v...

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how can i recode my diesel escort van key?

hi,ive had the battery disconnected for 3 weeks and now that ive reconnected it the van wont crank over. if i short across the starter connections it will turn over but not start. i left the ignition on for a minute an the led flashed once then 3 times,is this a code of some sort.when i had a chrys...

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how do i bypass my imobiliser on my chrysler neon?

both my imobiliser keys have gone at the same time i want to bypass the imobiliser so i can drive my car to get it fixed (chrysler neon 1987 p reg )...

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power steering gone heavy on my chrysler voyager?

my power steering went stiff the other day so i replaced the power steering pump with a second hand one and refilled the fluid back up in was perfect for about 24 hours then last night i put the car on a full right lock it made a whining noise then went all stiff again can somebody please please hel...

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