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Scantronic v CQR multibox STD wiring?

Hi I was here a few weeks ago and had some great advice regarding my old clapped out optima control unit.Since... [Read more]
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how do i install a cd player in my car?

i have a 98 ford taurus how do i install a cd player
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how to fix windows?

I have a 03 ford Taurus and my windows wont go down I don't here the motor and I checked the fuses what could ... [Read more]
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brushes for angle grinder Taurus cs:0096/2008?

I tried to contact Aldi customer service but was repeated unsuccessful. I need to replace the brushes on a too... [Read more]
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taurus microwave elite convection?

my microwave type D9025ESLR11/TL2 seems to work on all functions except micro wave--any suggestions?
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Taurus 4500 chainsaw?

Need a manual for the above mentioned chainsaw, can anyone help please.
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

how can use the 6 cd player in my new 2008 ford taurus x sel?

just got the car,and i can't figure out how to operate my factory installed 6 cd,cd player in a 2008 ford taur... [Read more]
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02 taurus won't turn over just clicks when i try to start brand new battery?

02 taurus will not turn over just clicks wen i try brand new battery installed this am
Mend Vehicles, Cars

1998 ford taurus?

My car would not start for some reason. It wasn't hot. I changed the oil filter. It still did not start. I pum... [Read more]
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How can I fix the anti theft system 1996 ford taurus?

the theft light flashes constantly and the fuel pump wont engage.
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