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Electric windows not working?

I have a 2004 seat alhambra, and when I try to open the rear electric windows from the drivers door switches t... [Read more]
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Seat Alhambra 2006 rear washer pipe leaking?

Hi Nigel can you describe the order in which to dismantle the passenger trim to expose the rear washer pipe as... [Read more]
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How do i install fog lights?

wiring diagram front fog lights seat alhambra 51
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how do l replace the fog light on a 62 seat alhambra?

Need to replace the whole o/s front foglight assembly but can't work out how to get at it
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Seat Alhambra - losing power?

My 1999 Seat Alhambra is losing power. 12 months ago, I got a new air flow meter and that seemed to solve the... [Read more]
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How to fix my Seat Alhambra electrics?

My Seat Alhambra 2003 hazard lights come on intermittently when I am driving. I took it to my local garage and... [Read more]
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automatic gear box?

where is oil filler on seat Alhambra 1.9 auto gear box 2003
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how do i get the belts off my seat alhambra 1.9 td?

i want to change the belt on my seat alhambra, i have taken off bottom engine cover but need to know how to ge... [Read more]
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Seat alhambra 2000,can't open boot?

Boot woudnt open with central lock as before. Tried to insert key woudnt go in . Is there any way I can open t... [Read more]
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Seat alhambra tdi 05 reg auy is the engine code?

My ecu is not letting the car start at all, does not show any faults, an no faults on computer, have been told... [Read more]

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