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Chuck repairs?

I have an Aldi Powercraft drill and the chuck keeps dropping out of the gearbox - does anyone know how to repa... [Read more]
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battery for powercraft 18v cordless drill?

the battery has run out of life and I wonder if a spare can be oerdered
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information needed?

whats the telephone number for power craft after sales support , the user guide and warranty state the numbers... [Read more]
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i need a new powercraft mia 190 bandsaw blade?

my blade is in 3 bits i need a new one where can i get 1
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Need a operating manual?

I need a operating manual for a Aldi 18V Powercraft Cordless Staple & Nailing gun Model KL-723
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Powercraft pressure washer spares problem?

I have a powercraft power washer, from b and q, a few years old. All works fine except the gun section. While ... [Read more]
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why wont the batteries on my powercraft 18volt powertool set not charge?

why does my powercraft18v batteries not charge fully even after i follow all instructions in the manual
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Powercraft battery charger?

Powercraft drill bought in Aldi ,sometime ago, battery charger won't charge, where can I get a new charger? M... [Read more]
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where can i buy a battery as listed below?

where can i buy a battery for the 24v powercraft hammer drill model PCDB 2400
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Powercraft 7944 pressure washer leaking seal?

Water is leaking from the bottom of the main unit. I've taken it apart and the leak is due to a circular rubbe... [Read more]

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