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308 gt 16 plate feels missfire?

1sr 2nd gear fine, but top end of 3rd 4th 5th and 6th feels as though a cylinder isn't fireing well,still pic... [Read more]
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Iveco Cargo 53 plate Tector engine missfire?

the truck starts normally, it ticks over normally. when you start to rev the truck you can hear it missfire.i ... [Read more]
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coil pack melting cyl missfire 2001 4.7 jeep?

2001 jeep 4.7 started misfiring #6cyl.changed plugs no change changed coil pack next noticed it blown out on s... [Read more]
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engine management light flashing?

i had a missfire on my 2002 yaris engine light came on changed spark plugs now running fine but engine light n... [Read more]
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Intermitent engine fault 2007 fieata 1.4 tdci?

Recent purchase . 1.4tdci fieata 2007 . Engine missfire splutter ,judder at 2 to 3000 revsBeen back to ford 3... [Read more]
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vauxhall corsa 1.4sri 2001 miss fire on no2 cylinder coil pack new, plugs new, comprestions all ok, injectors ... [Read more]
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oily spark plugs and car not starting?

Hi, my R reg Astra is not starting, at first I thought it was a missfire issue as at first the engine was runn... [Read more]
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missfire when pulling trigger to cut ?

The petrol strimer is missfiring when throttling to use the machine to cut the grass or when using the hedge s... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

engine codes?

code p0300 shows multicylinder missfire what is the problem on vauxhall corsa d 2010
Mend Vehicles, Cars

how can i fx my renault megane missfire?

i have a renault megane 1.6 hatchback P reg when the engine gets hot it missfires. the head gasket was renew... [Read more]
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starting to missfire?

i have had my mountfield hp470 for a long time now,i was cutting abit of high grass and tilted the mower back ... [Read more]
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What can the problem be ?

I have a Citroen c2 vts 57reg I started it up and it had a missfire and the anti pollution light and engine li... [Read more]
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petrol flymo quicksilver mower?

why is my flymo quicksilver missfireing it starts first time every time then after a few minutes it starts to ... [Read more]
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cold start?

on my 2000 vauxhall corsa it starts perfect every time but when cold i have to wait for it to warm up before i... [Read more]
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miss fire?

my vw sharan has a missfire and i have tryed lots of new parts and its still there
Mend Vehicles, Cars

please give me some advice?

my scenic 1.6 2005 model rev low intermittendly. when i start it and its fine i can ride for thousands of km's... [Read more]
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