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Looking for Illustrated Parts List for Eaton Viking Range?

My old mother's Eaton Viking range, model RE3018W-1 could use a new fuse holder (8 holes) I know it is an avai... [Read more]
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where can I find replacement defrost heater for Frigidaire FRT045GM
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remove bulb from frigidaire larder fridge RLE1099A?

How do i remove cover to get to the bulb. Hope you can help. Thanks
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Gas grill won't stay lit?

My Frigidaire gas cooker has a grill which will light but will not stay lit when you release the control butto... [Read more]
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sise by side frigidaire refrigerator?

I have a side by side frigidaire refrigerator and it started to leak inside. There is a filter for the water ... [Read more]
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How can I fix my freezer?

How do you put a gasket on the freezer door?? Frigidaire model-upright model#LFFU14F5HWD
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leaking from the bottom and i can't figure out how to open up the bottom o?

how do i disassemble my frigidaire washing machine model# FWX6971EW3? i need to know how to take my washing... [Read more]
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Electronic control Frigidaire freezer LFFH21F7HWA?

How to remove electronic control from Frigidaire freezer LFFH21F7HWA?
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Frigidaire larder elite fridge no longer self defrosting properly?

Very helpful to share ozone answer to Gill Bowyer (November 2011). We followed your instructions fully. Defro... [Read more]
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what is the problem with my fridgefreezer?

The fridge part of my fridge freezer isn't cool but the freezer is really frozen - it is meant to be auto defr... [Read more]

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