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Is the stereo fixable ?

Hi i have got a 2008 ford focus and i cant enter the first 3 numbers of the code yet i can put the fourth one ... [Read more]
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X reg Ford focus rear passenger door locked doesn't open.?

My friend has a X reg Ford focus with the rear passenger door locked and you can't open it from the inside or ... [Read more]
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Trouble re setting fob for Ford C max?

Hi my Ford Focus C Max fob stopped working followed the instructions to re programme it got the beep after tur... [Read more]
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Green dash light?

Hi all. I have a Ford Focus St170 03 plate and have no green dash backlight. Clock needles light up though. ... [Read more]
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faulty ford focus 6000cd?

hi i have a 6000cd and i input the correct code , the radio then appares to work but a few seconds later asks ... [Read more]
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Cd player parts ford focus?

I bought a ford focus estate 02 plate and the 6000 cd rds player didnt work, when i took it out the speaker w... [Read more]
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Heater resistor for my ldv MAXUS ?

Will a Ford Focus heater resistor work on my LDV MAXUS 2005.
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2002 Ford Focus 1.8 5-door Ghia?

The oil pressure light on the instrument cluster of my 2002 1.8 5-door Ford Focus Ghia is intermittently flick... [Read more]
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reversing light?

I have a Ford Focus ghia 2005 ,the reversing light stopped working ,have checked fuses & bulbs & they are ok.... [Read more]
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Can't enter radio code on 2002 Ford Focus ?

Having changed the battery I can't enter the radio code on my 2002 Ford Focus!

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