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2004 Ford Focus ZX5 2.3l?

I have a 2004 Ford Focus ZX5 2.3 L. 51,000
I have an intermittent issue with a P0171 code.
Start up starts abruptly high , not rough and then drops
The freeze data show.
Throttle body 26 %
RPM 900
Speed 0
Short term FT 7%
Long Term FT 29%
I probably getting this code at start up only
While driving STFT -5 to 7% LTFT 10 to 21 %
Mass air Flow 1 to 4 lbs ...Is this low?
I have notice this code usually occurs during code weather, I live in NY
and I don't have a problem during the summer.
I have check for vacuum leaks and could not find any.
I cleaned MAF and Idle air control valve
I am looking for direction before spending $$$$$
Another intermittent issue
The car is on a flat road after start up after 5 minutes warm up
The car seem to run on its own without touching the gas pedal
it runs to 20 MPH by its self
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciate

February 2022
It might be wear stopping the butterfly closing properly. Make sure the butterfly moves freely and closes completely under its own power and doesnt stop not quite closed.

February 2022
I did clean the throttle body a few months ago....I will check it again
Thanks for the rely

February 2022
Had something like this. Is the throttle butterfly closing properly? Mine was sticking very slightly when nearly closed.

February 2022

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