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My iveco daily engine won't start ?

Hi ive swapped my old iveco daily engine 2.8 turbo for a different iveco engine and now it won't start both en... [Read more]
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Atco B24 runs but when put to drive engine just dies and cuts out?

My Atco does start eventually and ticks over ok but when you raise the throttle too fast it just cuts out, ano... [Read more]
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proton savvy 56 plate petrol?

my car wont start all lights coming on when I turn the key but just clicking engine management light stays on ... [Read more]
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Vauxhall Movana 2006. won't start.?

Have a Movana 2006 2.5 CDTI SWB. Semi Automatic. The red immobiliser light is fully on and therefore vehicl... [Read more]
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2007 ford focus instrument cluster replacement?

having just fitted a new instrument cluster ,engine would not start.....tried several times. refitted old clus... [Read more]
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When turning on pto engine die on 120 John deere?

When I engage the pto to start the blades on my L120 John Deere lawnmower. The engine quits.
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Renault Indicators?

My 2008 Renault wont allow me to use my right hand indicator's, I've checked all bulbs and still nothing. chan... [Read more]
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Where can I get spares for Sovereign SGT24 grass strimmer?

The spare part I need for my Sovereign SGT24 grass strimmer is the crankshaft ratchet clutch assembly (which i... [Read more]
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Changed diesel filter on van and it won't start now.?

How can I fix it now there's like no fuel is getting to my engine
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Depollution faulty on full time?

I have a peugeot 207 vti petrol. Have depollution fault and check engine light in my car for over one year now... [Read more]

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