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Samsung posted popup warning Samsung cloud is closing and all files /photos will be deleted. It gives opition ... [Read more]
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Old style Seagate external drive powers up even fan works but "Seagate"not showing in drive list menu on PC o... [Read more]
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Samsung dvd-r135 drive won't open?

Display shows open but it never moves
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set usb ext dvd burner/drive as default?

i do not have a fitted dvd burner/drive on the pc -(mt space) - how do i set an ext / usb burner /drive to be... [Read more]
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Can I reinstall software on my Toshiba PVR RDXV60KB?

I have a Toshiba PVR RDXV60KB (Personal Video Recorder) which does these functions:- Tuner for Freeview with p... [Read more]
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dvd when played seem to ghost or stutter?

Dvd when played start ok but after a few minutes the start to ghost or stutter .if turned off and left for a f... [Read more]
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My Toshiba RDXV60KB will not 'finish ' a dvd after downloading film copied ?

I am unable to access the Setup screen, and as a consequence, I can't access many functions that are essential... [Read more]
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how do i fix my car radio and cd player,i drive a 307 peugoet?

My car radio displays but it can not play,it only shows CD,DVD eject and those are the only battons that work,... [Read more]
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honda crv sat nav error?

Please can anyone help me with my sat nav on my 2004 honda crv, it says dvd error and I have tried a friends d... [Read more]
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How do I stop my samsung DVD hard drive from freezing?

How do I stop my samsung DVD hard drive from freezing when playing back. It also does it when I watch tv on th... [Read more]

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