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Toyota avensis D4d 2011?

Blocked EGR valve all lights came on on dashboard have been told to get it remapped to get rid of lights' thi... [Read more]
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I have No power to the dashboard at all?

No power to the on in side when you turn the key
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Mercedes sprinter sprintshift 2004?

My sprintshift won't change gear then when you switch it of and on it starts working for about 5 minutes and t... [Read more]
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my radio in scenic wont work.?

battery was taken out when clutch was changed on my 2005 ren scenic now there is nothing showing on dashboard ... [Read more]
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How can I fix?

After filling up with Diesel my Citroen C3 wouldn't start. On the dashboard it read 'Auto Locking Active'. It ... [Read more]
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dashboard off totally, no gas no engine work ?

Hi all dear focus fighters. Im bagin u please give me a poss advice about problem that im suffering with my ... [Read more]
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Unable to lock car, as red warning light always on?

Red warning light on dashboard is nearly always on, even when driving my Kangoo Dynamique along the road,alarm... [Read more]
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why does the service light come on at 40mph?

I have a automatic Vauxhall zafira 2007 when it goes over 40mph the service light comes on and f flashes on th... [Read more]
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All warning lights staying on?

Toyota Lucida Why have all the dashboard warning lights and alarm sounding? We picked this up last week dro... [Read more]
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IVECO dAILY 2005 light on dashboard looks like end injector with a spray co?

light on dashboard looks like the end off an injector with a spray at the end turns over but just will not st... [Read more]

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