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how to bleed a cluch on a citroen xantia?

how do I bleed the clutch on my X reg citroen xantia 2.0 hdi estate
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White smoke emission?

My 1996 Citroën Xantia emits white smoke after start and engine has warmed up; how can I fix this? There is n... [Read more]
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how do I change front lower right side engine mount Citroen Xantia?

I have a broken engine mount RHS Lower have brought new rubber mount not shore if it can be changed on car or ... [Read more]
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Citroen heater?

The heater on my citroen TD R reg Xantia works intermittanly I have noticed that when the heater is not workin... [Read more]
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headlight adjustmant 1997 citroen xantia?

how do i adjust the headlight beam on my 1997 citroen xantia 1.8 diesel ?
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How can I fix my hydraulic cylinder on my citroen xantia?

Citroen Xantia W reg. Rear suspension is at the floor, all brackets are fine, seems like small cylinder has c... [Read more]
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how do i fix the clutch cable citroen xantia?

how do i fix the clutch cable on my citroen xantia
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where can I find the code for my citroen xantia radio?

I bought a citroen xantia but the radio needs the code putting in
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how to fix heating on 1.8 citroen xantia?

the motor is working but no air comes through vents
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does a p reg citroen xantia have a catourlitrick converter on it ?

my citroen xantia went for mot and failed on the exhaust i want to know does it have a catalitrick converter o... [Read more]
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replace front brake pads?

replace front brake pads on citroen xantia
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P Reg Citroen Xantia SX not starting, unknown indicator flashing?

Citroen Xantia SX indicator flashing - what is it indicating? Our P reg Citroen Xantia SX will not start, i... [Read more]
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citroen xantia central locking?

please can anyone help me the central locking keeps locking and an locking
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citroen xantia clutch cable?

there is a plastic clip that breaks and is a pain to replace
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heater blower fan not working in citroen xantia?

heater blower fan stopped working
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