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Blazer fixed?

Do you help to get a vehicle fixed in 56 I'm totally disabled on ssi.I have tons of appointments I have to go ... [Read more]
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2011 Chevy Malibu?

the third Brake works Intermitently
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2001 chevy cavalier door locks?

i have problems with front driver's door lock-it will lock but i can not unlock w/ key?? also rear driver's d... [Read more]
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install radio?

how to re-install factory radio in 2001 chevy cavalier?
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check engine and airbag light keep going on and off?

I have had this checked they can find nothing wrong, fuses have been changed and it was checked on the machine... [Read more]
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Remove window from chevy astro?

In needed to take off the window from my chevy astro i need to know pls
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rear antifreeze leak from valve?

there is a release valve leaking under the middle of my chevy van 1500 i replaced a leaky hose connected to th... [Read more]
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loose rocker arm studs?

I have a chevy 1996 truck,with v-8 motor. Recently the stud on one head came up and caused the rocker arm to c... [Read more]
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2004 Chevy Venture?

I have a venture and its seems to rev high while going 40 kms an hour. What does this mean???
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chevy caviler wont start?

put a new fuel pump in ,still nothing
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security system bypass?

on a 1998 chevy 4by4 1500 series
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How do I stop my car from revving high?

My car revs high when its in idle. It's a 2001 chevy Malibu v6. Also when I'm at a stop light it feels like it... [Read more]
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how do I change the lights on a 1988 chevy silverado radio?

I have a 1998 chevy silverado 2500 half of the lights on the radio quit working how do I change them
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How do I fix "disc region error" on built-in Panasonic DVD player in car?

How do I fix "disc region error" on built-in Panasonic DVD player in 2005 Chevy Tahoe?
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How do I repair the curtains on my 2002 chevy express van?
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1995 chevy astro van cobra conversion?

1995 cevy astro van cobra conversion/i,m trying to locate the fuse for interior rear lighting
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How to clear codes on 1993 chevy lumina apv 3.1 ?

How to clear codes on 1993 chevy lumina apv 3.1
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Is there a transmission resevior in Chevy Lumina Minivan?

Where is the transmission resevior in a 1993 Chevy Lumina Minivan?
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how to fix a 2003 chevy conversion?

van burns to much gas

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