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Simpson Encore 605?

My Simpson does everything it should but has stopped agitating on the wash cycle. It fills to start a wash th... [Read more]
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Citroen dispatch van brake problem?

I have a Citroen dispatch van 05 plate with the 1.9 Diesel engine .my brakes almost all of the time are fine a... [Read more]
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the brakes on my stannah stairriser 400 seem to be jammed on ?

how do i get my stannah 400s brakes to come off as my stairriser wont move in any direction as the brakes seem... [Read more]
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How do I fix my jaguar brakes?

My X Type 2.2 diesel has developed binding brakes. Problem started with a burst flexible brake pipe. After rep... [Read more]
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wher do you start from to bleed brakes on tino almera?

where do you start from to bleed brakes on tino almera
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how can I fix my ABS brakes and speedometer reader?

The speedometer and ABS brakes of my clio 3 manufactured in Poland in year 2006 is not working
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Our leyland DAF 45 has a problem with the brakes?

We have a problem with our brakes, when we have been driving for a while the front brakes stick on, sometimes ... [Read more]
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how can i fix my switch park brake on vauxhall astra?

the rear brakes on my Vauxhall astra 1.6 sri are over heating and squealing after a long run could it be the a... [Read more]
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brake problems with ERF?

I have got a MAN ERF unit ECT 54 plate I have just pulled it in the yard shunting a trailer & the brakes have... [Read more]
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poor brakes on ford 0811 cargo?

every year our lorry gets tested and every year the brakes struggle the mot test . can any one explain how to ... [Read more]

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