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vauxhall astra 1.7 L reg rear brakes?

Not sure how to line up self adjusters on rear brakes after having replaced shoes and wheel cylinders. Any hel... [Read more]
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Brake problem Ford Escort Mk5?

I have a problem o the front brakes of m Ford Escort mk5. The problem is that the front off side calliper Does... [Read more]
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Brakes Astra?

Hi My Opel (Vauxhall) Astra 1.4 combi - 97 has his problem: The left tire is locked. And the handbrake f... [Read more]
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fitting new brakes?

how can i fit new brake shoes on LDV 400 series van
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Brake problems on Astra 1.4 L reg?

I have renewed every component on my braking system, pressure bled the system several times,but to no avail. ... [Read more]
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How can I fix rear brakes on Ford Fiesta T Reg?

How can I fix rear brakes on a T Reg Ford Fiesta
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how to stop the drive belt from comming off the pulley?

I have a sears craftsman lawn tractor with kohler 16.5hp pro. it has a manual 6spd and the drive belt comes o... [Read more]
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Astra brake clonk?

Can anybody tell me why the front brakes on my wifes Astra Bertone clonk when the pedal is pressed they are fa... [Read more]
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How can i fix my brakes volkswagen golf mk1?

my brakes work for so long then the pedal dissapers then i have to pump the pedal for anything to happen even ... [Read more]
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My break lights dont work on my 1.8 vauxhall vectra?

When i put my foot on the brakes the lights dont come on but after looking in the fuse box i cant work out whi... [Read more]
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