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peugeot 106 speedo and revometer not working after jump start?

Hi everyone, I have an x reg peugeot 106 1.1 independance I jump started my mums audi a6 Since doing so ... [Read more]
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audi a6 sat nav keep saying disc unreadable,its new original audi disc. dvd?

sat nav a6 audi keep saying disc unreadable .its new audi disc.not initialising .reads normal cd discs ok
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Audi A6 Boot Problem?

Hi I need some an audi a6 estate 1.9tdi 2005.(1)when i use key fob to lock my car the boot stays op... [Read more]
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re audi a6 2.7 tuebo transmission computer?

my audi is in park and i cant shift it back or foruth how can i fix or get a new transmission computer
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My Avital Remote Start needs to be reset?

I have a 1999 Audi A6 2.4 SE. My Avital Remote Start 4500 has somehow managed to set itself to start the car a... [Read more]
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Audi A6 Sat Nat PLus System Screen Flickers?

I have an audi A6 With sat nav plus in the screen keeps going white and sometimes has lines runner through it ... [Read more]
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how can i fix my reverse lights on 96 audi a6?

how can i fix my reverse lights on my 96 audi a6 avant. fuse and bulbs fine.
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drain fuel tank diesel audi a6 quatrro?

need to drain fuel tank on a audi diesel a6 estate .can anybody help how to do it .can not put pipe in filler ... [Read more]
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audi a6 2.5 tdi?

recently changed sump in my a6 2.5tdi audi since that the car will not go over 2500 revs
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what disc 2004 audi mmi sat nav ?

hi I have got 04 plate a6 sat nav system ,got one disc 2004 version it does't work .Can anyone tell my what so... [Read more]
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