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Need to mend a household electrical appliance? We've several categories to help you.

For the kitchen we have categories including Dishwashers, Kettles, Refrigerators and Washing Machines.

Problem not in the kitchen? We've others. For example, CD Players, Telephones, TVs or VHS Recorders.

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Questions - mend, repair, fixThese questions have been added to how to mend it .com most recently.
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 karcher sc5800c tank heats trigger clicks in machine but no steam?
 Cash Register?
 door problems?
 scungii SS-1000 missing red washer?
 Ring CT65 Transformer?
 How can I fix my kettle?
 Westwood law tractor?
 Windshield washer bottle leaks?
 hotpoint drier?
 reseting boss thermostat?
 Indicator stays on?
 No sound on Bose Radio?
 Treadmill suddenly turned off?
 Following prev question smeg DF614WE powercut?
 How to make a asda dvd player charge?
 oven bulb?
 Blue Flashing Stroke Light after power cut to alarm?
 pyronix deltabell e wire to menvier ts400 panal ?
 How do I remove the bulb holder in my Neff oven to replace it?
 technics sh-eh50?
 Jones 942 zigzag machine?
 Dishwasher DSF6106W wont start - ?
 how do i mend split outer hose on Bosch PT1 wallpaper stripper?
 Volume goes straight down to 0?
 we have just replaced a new tranducer as smoke effect stopped ?
 How do I realign the needle position on my Jones 641 sewing machine?
 Fujitsu g 820 cash register not working?
 dead hdmi outlet on dmr-ex83eb?
 Identification of Rollexa Garage Rolle- door Motor?
 plu no data err on a sams er5215sm?
 Hygena built in Multi Turbo Cooker/Grill?
 Ferroli F5 issue?
 Bell Fruit Deal or no Deal errors?
 No sound?
 NEFF double oven door fix?
 My New Home Memory Craft 6000 won't run?
 Grill wont stay lit ?
 why is water coming from the pressure relief device and not the shower head?
 Smeg Toaster ?
 My cooker door want cose?
 The thon/off button on my Kenwood is not working properly. When I press it ?
 f5 Eco flashing?
 shannah chair lift 260?
 how do i retrieve factory setting?
 Excess rinse aid use?
 Alarm no longer setting itself?
 Stannahs 420 chair lift?
 How do I fix my AEG Lavamat 62810 leaving oily spots?
 Replacement cistern lid?
 how to increase volume on timer belling double oven cooker?
 defy maximaid 720?
 How can I remove the back from my Vax Rapide W90 ?
 how to fix a food mixer?
 leaking toilet - water running back into pan?
 Cannot bring up tv guide to record from?
 How can I fix myToyota 4500el ?
 Diplomat ADP8322 steam from one side at top door?
 Belling Farmhouse 900G - Conventional Oven issue!?
 Fritter Rossman Beaver 2?
 cant seem to part karcher 411 body?
 Repairing pitted lower track on tall larder unit mechanism?
 why does my washing machine show E5 Frequency out of range?
 sport craft tx 2.5?
 A Cannon gas cooker model CH60GCIW?
 how do i get the tv to flip down ???
 how long does it take a proline dwi5212p to do a cycle?
 How can I fix Sears Tower Bell and H. super auto threading 8mm projector?
 how can i stop the noise?
 Disconnect TS500 Alarm?
 Scantronic 9651 error code XOX?
 dust bag?
 how can i get my fridge to work diplomat apm6855?
 Keyboard ?
 i need a part for an avora model 525?
 Honda 2007 Cr-v disc error sat nav?
 Replace batteries?
 Honda 2007. crv sat nav ?
 sticky key pad buttons on a TS500 secondary pad?
 Scantronic 9450 keypad issue.?
 Veritas c8?
 veritas R8?
 How to disable a Scantronic 9450?
 lamona dishwasher leak?
 How to fix AEG Favorit 40320 rising tube with leaking rubber part?
 Debon Air Panel Heater Model ND20-39?
 Black & decker hedge trimmer not cutting?
 Request for user manual?
 Help with receiver please?
 My briville kettle has light on but dose not boil the water ?
 Daewoo DVD recorder and vcr model DP4100P ?
 tevion lcd 4202 blue asking for pin to get in?
 My myson thermostat not turning on?
 how can I assemble my Mc CULLOCH,PRO-MAC 610 engine ?.?
 How can I fix BOSCH AL 3640 CV charger?
 spares for petrol hg18 hedge trimer?
 child lock?
 Neff door hinge has jammed, can't get it back on?

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