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Citroen Saxo Engine Light Problem?

The engine warning light came on on my 2000 1.1 Saxo, just after I changed the original catalyst (rusted through) for a Bosal aftermarket cat. However it passed the MOT with the light on and drives fine.

Its now with a garage. They diagnosed a faulty sensor just after the cat and changed it. Problem still remains with the new sensor and the computer still says its the (now replaced) sensor.

Since the replacement cat was new, I assume it is fine but maybe it's actually the problem? A Citroen cat is £300 and I'd rather not go that route.

Any ideas please on what to do? Its costing a fortune and driving me nuts!

October 2007
My 2000 saxo has been awesome til this week, the orange engine light has come on and the battery keep draining.

December 2014
Take the bulb out. Simples! I have. (No dramas.) French are daft.

October 2014
put some cataclan in the fuel run it all through the cat it will clean up the cat therefore not detecting anything- a catalit converter gets gunged up annd cataclean does the job just mix it with your fuel also find the sensor and spray with wd40 water displacment that took 40 attempts to get the mixture right :) the light comes on for a reaon either a false reading or could be a slightly blocked fault if resetting ecu and stil comes on

jamie knowles mo-mech
June 2014
My saxo 1.1 51 plate, well, I was told the ecu,cat,sensors,and just about everything a garage can come up with, so sick of it I thought I'll buy a tin of w.d 40 and spray all the connector for dampest so simple, to complicated for the garage computer and guess what it worked

allan clark
December 2013
just had my car serviced and my engine light came on help spent so much money on the heep off crap

leon hinton
December 2012
had same prob with my saxo 2000 on a w plate sick of waisting money on it it was at garage once a week best thing i did was to buy a code reader of ebay 25 pound it all so resets the ecu apart from that try taking battery of over night thats sirpopse to reset the ecu im with you all it cost a fortune and does your head in

June 2012
mine dose that to it runs fine and then you go out for a run and after a sertin amount of time and it concks out and it wont start again for half hour to an hour and them it drives and runs fine again then it will conck out again can anyone help me its a mi-story and i keep spending and spending on it HELP ME PLEASE

Scott Campbell
October 2010
my engine light came on after a got a cat fitted been to the garage and says a problem with cat aswell had the sensors checked they all good ! its been reset several times ! mines a 53 plate .

February 2010
changed my cat as well, doesnt like anything but citreon cats. have reset mine many times, nothing seems to fix it, light comes on every 3 weeks

October 2009
engine management light is on, how do i reset it myself

joe pool
October 2009
on some cars when a sensor or other component has been changed, the engine management light wont go out unless it is reset using a diagnostic tool even though the problem has been fixed. any garage with diagnostic equipment should be able to clear the trouble codes and reset the ecu. if the light stays on the scanner should then be able to detect another problem

December 2007


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