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Can I change the stereo in my Ford KA?

I want to change the standard stereo in my Ford KA, but I don't know if I can because it is a special Ford model designed to be part of the car's dash board.

Can you get replacement systems?

H. Fish
September 2003
yes you get connvercion kits whitch gives you a new peace for the dash

ka man
August 2007
Interested to know if the guy who got hs stereo knicked from a ka had left he face plate on? Surely there's no point kicking it otherwise?

May 2004
You can fit any non ford car hi fi provided it is a standard fit.

You will need to buy a dashboard adaptor plate, a wiring adaptor and an aerial adaptor ( all available from Halfords).

You will also need to obtain the clips to remove the existing Ford Unit (also available form Halfords).

The downside is that the replacement unit is extremely easy to steal as all the thief has to do, once they ve gained entry to the car, is to pull out the adaptor plate and the rest comes away with it. This happened to me and it doesnt even matterif the car is alarmed as the job can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Somebody needs to come up with a way of securing the adaptor plate to the dashboard.

Good Luck.

Dave Gleaves
November 2003


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