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How do I fix or adjust the sprinkler heads?

My sprinkler heads work but are not getting to all the areas. It appears some nozzles may be shut off and others are shut down enough that they don't reach the extent that they should. Some of my sprinkler heads rotate a bit for coverage and others do not. I'm sure these are all adjustments and my question is how do I make the adjustments? I think I have two types of sprinkler heads and I don't know how to check the manufacturer on them.

September 2007
My sprinkler head will no rotate to the right. I have tried everything. Is it possible the gears are shot? Please help.

Ty Pattison
June 2010
it should say on the top of the head what kind it is usually rainbird, hunter or irritrol ... usually if there is a change in coverage it is diue to a pressure change in the water supply ie a leak in the line some sprinklers are installed with both mist heads and rotor heads on the same line . the mist heads of most brands you just grab it and twist it to turn the spray in a different directionand there is a set screw in the middle of the top of the nozzletightening it makes it shoot not as far ,,, loosening it (turning to the left ) makes it shoot further as for the rotors there should be a hole with arrows pointing to the left and right fror arc adjustment and a set screw that runs down thru the nozzle that adjusts the lengthhope this helps

November 2007


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