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No pressure ?

Went to use my challenge extreme pressure washer today and the motor was running ok but there was no pressure don't know the first thing about things like this could there be a blockage or do I need to dig deeper

Rob johnson
March 2016
Pump cam plate has failed , broken up
Replace pump if viable cost wise and if obtainable

Ken Humphrey
May 2022
The poster is right about the recirculation valve, but not the cure. What happens is that the recirculation valve splits, due to freezing up and ice forming, then splitting it. Take it apart and it is easy to see - just undo the large plastic nut near the water in,

March 2019
There is a recirculation valve inside the pump that stops the pump locking up when you release the trigger. This is probably dirty and / or sticking.

With a modicum of common sense and the ability to think things through, it is possible to discmanthe the pump, work ot where the valve is and how it works and clean it out.

You MAY be able to locate an exploded diagram fo ryour washer or one similar using Google image search

March 2016


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