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Do you have a broken Sumvision Mp3 player?

If you check this website for Sumvision, you'll see a lot of people have problems with their mp3/4 players. But not one single question is answered.

I myself have two Sumvision mp3 players. An M18 512mb and an Opus II 4gb, and both of them stopped working.
Sumvision doesn't seem to offer much help, and no one on this website really answers anything...
So post your name and join this list if you have a faulty Sumvision player. They seem to be MADE to break down. And no one's doing anything about it.

Everyone's getting a disk error, a player that won't go off hold, one that won't turn on, or one that won't leave music on after it's unplugged from the pc. Quite frankly, I'm sure there are owners that have had their sumvision spit in their face and pull their hair. Sumvision is a worthless piece of crap.

Post your name, Sumvision Mp3 player model, and problem.

Let's see if something's done about it.

August 2007


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