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how to seperate the radio from its case?

The carrying handle on my Evoke1 has come loose from its screw.I have removed every Phillips screw at the back but nothing is moving .There is a hole at the base and I can see a tiny screw in the top but cannot reach it with a thin screwdriver.Assuming this was assembled by a human surely it must be poss to detach the wooden surround from the radio? Any advice greatly appreciated from anyone.

Maurice Blencowe
July 2016
This happened to one of my Pure Evoke radios as I recall - the wobbly handle and the need to get inside the case...

There are six cross-head screws at the back and an aerial - I remember having to undo the hex nut that secures the aerial before the guts can be removed.

I answer here with only 60% confidence - but it's a simple matter to find out if I'm correct - long-nosed pliers will help.

Good Luck...
July 2016

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