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John Deere BC-1600 trimmer quits when it gets hot?

My trimmer starts fine when cold and will run for maybe 6 or 7 minutes then just dies like it ran out of fuel. It will restart, and idle just fine, but will not rev up without shuting off. Let it cool for 10 minutes and it will run just fine for several minutes more and repeat the shutting down. It will do this 3 or 4 times in less than half a tank of fuel. I checked all screws that were accessable for tightness in case thermal expansion and air leaks were the problem, but it didn't help.

Larry Petersime
August 2007
I have a John Deere BC-1600 trimmer. I have replaced the carb,cylinder,piston & rings. Unit still will not run for more than 10 minutes. I am assuming it must be the ignition coil. U have to pull the cover completely off to get to it. I can do it but not looking forward to all the work.

August 2008
I'm having a similar problem. I removed the muffler and cleaned what I could. There was quite a bit of stuff around the screen.

Unfortunately, It didn't fix it for me. :(

I suspect a weak spark... maybe something wrong with the magneto... Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get to it. Can't get the adapter that runs to the drive cable off.

Robert Eden
November 2007
Your fuel mix contains too much oil and over time your muffler has become plugged from the excess oil. Roughly a $50 fix at the local JD shop, or do it yourself for less.

Hope this helps- this is what was wrong with mine and doing the exact same thing.

A country lawn jockey
August 2007


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