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john deere bc1600?

What is the mix ratio?

June 2009
In the 50 to 1 ratio on the mix. Is that in U.S gal or Imperial?

September 2014
Not so clear - if using John Deere 2-Cycle oil 50:1 - all others 32:1. Below pasted from JD website

For 2-cycle engines, most commonly used on string trimmers, chain saws and blowers, you must mix the unleaded fuel with a high-quality 2-cycle engine oil.

To ensure the proper fuel mix ratio, use John Deere Premium Exact Mix 2-Cycle engine oil. When this oil is properly mixed it can be run in any 2-cycle unit no matter what the mix ratio is.

Use 2.6 ounces of Exact Mix oil; thoroughly mix the entire contents with 1 gallon (approximately 4 liters) of fresh, unleaded gasoline. This is a 50:1 fuel to oil mix. Exact Mix engine oil provides complete lubrication protection for any 2-cycle engine. If using other name brand, quality two cycle engine oil, mix 4.0 ounces of oil with one gallon of fresh, unleaded gasoline. This is a 32:1 fuel to oil mixture.

Additionally, Exact Mix oil contains an antioxidant fuel stabilizer. Under average conditions, fuel will stay fresh up to 30 days.

We do not recommend the use of Ethanol gasoline in any of our hand held products.

Do not use motor oil or marine two cycle oil in these engines. These oils do not meet the same specifications and internal engine damage may occur.

September 2010
Here's the link to the manual:

The correct ratio is 50:1

August 2009
The guy that answered 25:1 is WRONG !!!! YOU WILL BLOW THIS ENGINE AT THAT RATIO ITS TOO LEAN !!. Here's the correct information right from my BC1600 manual. 50:1 fuel mix ratio or 2.6 oz of two cycle oil in 1 Gallon of Gas. Manual is available from John Deere online. You need to go to and ask a question in the online knowledge base. Include BC1600 and manual in your question. They will make you sign up for a login and password but will then give you the .pdf manual for free. The fuel ration can be verified in this manual as 50:1.

June 2009
25:1 fuel to two stroke oil will suit this fine.

June 2009


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