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I have a Zanussi which has an AL5 alarm - not filling?

I have a Zanussi which has an AL5 alarm - not filling. Can I fix this myself

Mike Ambler
June 2004
I fixed the AL5 error by removing the cold water inlet valve and giving it a very good clean to remove lime scale inside the valve. (there is two wires and two pipes to unconnect behind the bottom right panel) All works fine at very low repaire cost. Not disconnect water and power before any work is carried out.

Paul (Kent)
February 2005
If its the DE6965 model, if you take of the hose then remove the white cover where the hose connects, then unscrew the compartment where the hose attaches to, you will find a red see through pipe with a stopper on the end. Remove the stopper and alow the water in it to drain out. (This should be only a couple of tea spoons full.) Put stopper back then put dishwasher back together. This should last you about 2 weeks, before it needs to be done again!

January 2005
Have had this problem intermittently for a while but today it didn't want to reset via the control panel, so tried unplugging the hose & this cured (for now).

June 2004
Before attempting any repairs to the machine- turn off the water supply to the machine and disconnect the hose connection at the machine then reconnect and turn the water back on and try the machine again. This action sometimes resets the valve.

E Lambert.
June 2004


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