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my portable dvd player (polaroid pdv-0700) will not detect my dvds?

is there any way i can fix it?

February 2005
no - still doesnt pick up dvds - will play cds - anybody know a repair?

August 2005
did you run a DVD-r? with data?
last time i put one made my polaroid DVD unusable

i have the same problem like your.

I guess is the len that is not working but need a repair service to fix it. I am desesperate because is my only DVD player in the house.

June 2005
thanks for sending a reply - unfortunately it didnt work - i think the machine has been knocked over at some time when i was not using it.

March 2005
I had the same problem with mine. Some discs it would detect and others it wouldn't. What I discovered is that the center post which holds the disc in the machine only holds some discs securely. Other discs it does not which allows the dvd to free spin and not be read. I took a small piece of electrical tape and stuck it on the edge of the hole of the dvd I knew it wouldn't read...and it then worked. I don't know how to fix it and I am trying to find a site now that has parts. I am hoping that they have a center post that has a better clip to hold all dvd's in place. Does this answer your question?

February 2005


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