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Display not working Digimate 17" tft LCD Model J-714L?

hi can anyone help,I have a digimate 17" tft LCD Model J-714L,
when i plug the 12v power supply in the screen stays blank and the on/off button keeps flashing on and off repeatedly, if you look at the screen there is a slight change in colour every time the power button comes on for about 1/2 a second.If i plug the screen in my pc you can see a small faint square appear on the display but still just flashing on and off.It looks like something inside has failed ,any help will be much apprciated.

G White
April 2007
more than likely an ic synchro malfunction or backplane power cannot reach the ic's or both

August 2008
HI , concentrate your fault finding around the power socket, got a faulty socket myself, and on "googling" seems to be a common problem with this brand. they have a 3 year on site warranty ( might take some complaining for this to actually be acted upon though as they claims thats for parts only ) , register online if you havent already . They really need a complete product recall , to fix this . hope this helps

disgruntled digimate owner
April 2007

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