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How can I fix my navman f20?

After using my navman F20 twice it now says that it is unable to detect the internal memory.

How do I fix this

Charlotte T
March 2007
Take the navman sticker off the back, take the plastic cover off, take SD card out download all info onto your comp. Delete everything on the SD card.
Now put back into navman download service park 2, put back into comp and upload maps and other info back onto card.

Should work fine now well it did for me!

November 2009

jack dingo
August 2009
This is a known motherboard failure which will be repaired free under the 2 year guarantee from Navman.

February 2008
Is it under warranty? If so i'd take it back to the shop that you purchased it

Halfords worker
April 2007
i got the same problem any one found a solution to your s yet

March 2007


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