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chainsaw will not start .......timeing screws off?

McCulloch 3516
not sure how to rectify problem as my saw will not restart.....had to replace sprocket, the revs were high on restarting....... but now will not start again......whats the problem?

January 2005
Hmmm,tough one...first try some carb cleaner down the air intake,check the fuel lines are not squashed or blocked, check you have a spark, check your fuel & oil mix-not too much oil. You could remove, strip and clean the carb because it could be a faulty diaphram but as a last resort, screw the carb adjustment screws all the wayin, make a note of how many turns they each took, and pull the engine over. NO life? turn the screws out half a turn each and pull it over again. Keep doin this until it runs sweet. NOTE-one screw may require more turns to get the engine running smoothly !

Jim Cooper
March 2005

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