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Using Windows XP, I have tried to burn data onto a cd without success?

Using Windows XP on my Time computer (purchased last year), I have tried, for the first time, to burn data onto a cd and an error message comes up saying The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk. The disks are brand new and I have successfully used them on my old computer and using Nero (this software is not necessary, apparently, using Windows XP.) Any suggestions?

V Pusey
January 2005
im havin the same problem with usb drive for mp3 player,it wont let me delete old tunes???, have u had any joy

June 2007
Nero uses 'In cd' so that the CD appears as a large floppy disc, and you can then drag and drop items on to it. This may not be compatible with XP, and the disc may need to be reformatted to be used with XP or you can try with another rewritable CD.

Richard Lambeth
January 2005

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