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Mend Kitchen Appliances, Microwaves

Neff hlawd23?

my built in microwave door is sagging when open and difficult to close

August 2023
That's not a full model number.

It might be the screws securing the hinge(s) have come loose or that the hinge is worn.

Check you can get new hinges if necessary. This outfit seem quite good suppliers:

NOTE - due to some kind of filtering on the Howtomendit website, I couldn't post the correct link. Use the link above BUT replace "XXX" with "oms"

Whatever you do BE CAREFUL!!!! A microwave can still deliver a lethal shock EVEN AFTER IT HAS BEEN UNPLUGGED!!!

Be immensely careful not to muck up any of the safety interlocks. They are there for a purpose, not least of which is to prevent you frying your flesh with microwave leakage.

If in the minutest doubt consult a qualified microwave engineer.

August 2023

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