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Meile W827 Washing machine?

Hi. Meile W827 washing machine. Had a heavy load put in it.(not by me). Apparently when the wash cycle got to rinse it started to make a loud horrible gritty grinding noise while spinning and then smoke started to appear inside the drum.
I'm guessing this is the bearing gone?
Should I consider repair or replace?
I've heard Meile aren't as well made as they used to be? Does anyone on here regularly work on them.
I can still get bearings, belt, motor for the W827 at a reasonable price. Its just investment in time to fit.
Experienced thoughts opinions appreciated.

August 2023
Replace. Miele washing machines are way too expensive to repair. Get a Bosch Wan series 4 washing machine . It has a split tub.

September 2023
Did the job once on a old Hoover machine. Absolute schweinfest.

August 2023

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