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Tefal gv9060go/23c?

We have a Tefal Steam generator GV9060/23C which was working perfectly. When my wife plugged it in, the plug socket sparked and the house fuse tripped. I repeated the turn on and it tripped each time, but the fuse in the plug was not blown. I looked inside the casing and there was no sign of water or burned wires and putting a meter across the heater terminals there was continuity. Can you suggest where else I could check, because sending it away costs half the cost of a new one, as it is three years old and out of guarantee.
Thank you

July 2023
Which "fuse" tripped? The circuit breaker for the sockets (usually a single breaker maybe 2cm wide) or was it the earth leakage breaker (usually a breaker maybe 4cm wide, often with a "test"button)?
My money would be that there has been an internal leak which has caused the big breaker to trip. There's probably little you can do but if you can check for moisture inside.
It may even be a failed element.
I'd be sorely tempted to replace, with a decent warranty, rather than repair, with no warranty.
That way your wife's eyes will be more likely to light up with love rather than from a shock.

July 2023

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