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Veritas Alarm panel unable to set user code?

I have a Veritas Alarm Panel, I have just installed a new battery which meant I had to power down the system, on Starting back up it has reverted to the default Engineers code 4321 and the users code 1234, I have gone through the procedure in the manual to change the users code

Enter existing code : 1234 which is what it has defaulted to
Press : Prog
Press : 60
Enter new code : 6666
Press : Prog
Press : Reset

I do all the above but the new code 6666 is not accepted, I have tried doing the manual reset with pressing the tamper spring 3-times on power up, nothing seems to allow me to input a new user code.

I can set and unset the panel with 1234

Anyone any ideas

John Parsons
April 2023
Thank you for your help, I have already visited these two links and it does tell you how to reset the user code, I have followed these instructions but have not been able to change the code. The code I want to put in is my old user code, it will not let me put this in, BUT I have found out if I use another code like 2222 or 3333 I can input this new code, I cannot understand why I cannot input my old code, anyone any ideas?

John Parsons
April 2023
Some possible insight here:

April 2023

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