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Accenta 6 alarm system?

I’ve got an accenta 6 alarm system which I’ve just moved to a new position I now have no 13v supply coming out of the box which feed the PIRs . If I wire the PIRs across the 12v supply the PIRs work ok so it looks like the circuit board as gone. I’ve checked the 13v fuse which is ok. As anyone got any ideas or is it a new circuit board? Also the outside bell distant work as I think it users the same 13v supply.

March 2023
No pcb available for this alarm panel, well obsolete! However If all worked prior to your work then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work now. How did you ‘check’ the fuse? Most likely problem caused by power supply/fuse or a connection to the panel rather than the panel itself! What 12v supply are using to check the pirs? External sounder uses a separate fused 12v supply for power.

March 2023

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