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Talking Watch not working?

Tavistock & Jones Radio Controlled Talking Watch, Model No EL3213.
I have had the above watch for 20 months. It was working perfectly until the watch started running slow, an indication the battery needed replacing. I took the watch to a professional repairer. The watch has not worked properly since the battery was replaced. It works OK as a watch, but the talking aspect no longer works, it does not sync. The talking part gives the wrong time, the wrong date, it says the year is 2008. The watch repairer has tried to fix this for 3 weeks and had no success. I've tried too. Still wrong. How do I fix this?

Chris R
March 2023
Thanks for the advice. Nothing works, the watch still says it's January 2008. The watch repairer who tried valiantly to fix this is right. The watch is junk.

Chris R
March 2023
Manual here

Make sure settings for time source and country etc are ok.

Resync hands with internal time. See page 4 of the manual.

March 2023

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