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Charge fault?

Trying to charge disconnected leisure caravan battery.
Uaing car chàrger**
On switching on charger the dial needle goes 3/4 accoss dial, in 5secs the charger safety button pops out cutting charge.b
Battery 110 amp circa six years old. last charge circa 15 months ago via **ìnboard charger (LUNAR 5BEŔTH 1998 ANY ONE KNOW WHERE INBOARD CHARGER IS, NO BOOK! Tto test it) doesn't charge making me think battery knackered.

May 2022
Sounds like you have a very basic charger with no current control (and probably precious little voltage regulation). Lidl were doing a nice little microprocessor controlled charger recently, which covered up to 12V 100Ah or so and offers a desulphation cycle as well. About £14.

May 2022


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