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Hotpoint aquarius df61 blowing fuses part way through cycle?

My Hotpoint Aquarius DF61 blowing fuse part way through wash leaving it with bottom filled with warm water. Gone through 6 fuses. Maybe coincidence but I was at back of machine today as replacing washing machine at the moment. I've discounted power lead issue as it will go part way through a cycle before popping fuse. Any advice would be welcomed.

sebster uk
December 2021
It blows quarter of the way through the cycle. I don't know what part of the cycle that is, I tried to identify it through use of several fuses before appreciating I needed good advice in a non condescending manner prior to either getting a repair man in or replacing the washer.

Sebster uk
December 2021
How far into the cycle does it get before it pops a fuse?
Maybe whatever it is trying to do at that moment is faulty. Heater? Pump?
The fact that you have blindly replaced a fuse no less than six times without even trying to work out what is blowing it, suggests it would be far safer to get a competent person to do a repair.

December 2021

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