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IItronics MP3 player, model unknown but it's over 10yr old?

I have an ancient IItronics USB stick MP3 player (AAA battery powered and sorta thumb shaped, not the modern square-ish,Ipod looking ones), worked on XP. Plugged it into a Windows 8.1 machine and it wanted to format it. Due to an error on my part something went somewhat awry. Now it doesn't show up in the 'Drives' list as it used to do, it shows up in devices and printers as an ALi USB 2 bootloader with which I can do nothing. I can't even reformat it. Nor will it switch on. Is there any way of turning it back into an MP3 player or is it one for the bin?

August 2021

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Click here for Iitronics Mp3 Usb


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