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Mend Mend Garden Tools, Hedge Trimmers


I bought some hedge trimmers challenge and not had them 6 months and the thing you put the batter i lnto which plugs in is no longer working and there isn't a email address to contact them yours sincerely Katie edley

Katie edley
July 2021
i have a garden line small edging strimer with a hedging cutter, ineed a charging port that i can charge the battary is one that puls out and fixes into the port and then chared in electricite

patrick logan
July 2021
Read the Consumer Rights Act :

Your relationship is with the RETAILER (probably Argos, I think). The manufacturers guarantee is in addition to your legal rights.

See also,under%20the%20brand%20'Challenge'.&text=is%20meant%20to%20be%20a,%2C%20tougher%20range%20%2D%20Challenge%20Xtreme.

Talk to Argos.

July 2021


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