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Makita 6408 drill chuck?

Hello, The keyless chuck on my Makita 6408 was jammed open, I couldn't loosen it with my hands. I held the static plastic with adjustable pliers and with another adjustable pliers gripped the plastic nose cone and tried to break the jam. There was a slip and the nose cone came off and a retaining ring fell out. Now the static cup is no longer static, it is loose, and I can't figure out where or how the retaining ring came from or how to put it back together. Can you instruct me? Again it is a newer Makita corded drill with a keyless chuck. Your help is appreciated.

July 2021
My nearby ACE hardware store stocks a generic keyless chuck which you couldn't tell the difference from the original. I forget the cost but I remember it being reasonable, plus you can take it right back to the store if not satisfied.

January 2022

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