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What can I get to replace my adaptor?

I have a bed with massage in the madras, but now I have damaged my adapter and would like to get information on how to replace it?

It is an JB Research Inc. A C Adaptor, JBR NO. 13006.
Type: AD-1250BN, OEM.
230V~50Hz, 53 mA
12V- - - - -500mA, 6VA.
That is all the information on the adaptor.
How and with what can I replace?
I live in Sweden.

Kind regards Linda

July 2021
Any adapter rated at 12 V should do, so long as the current is at least 500mA (same as 0.5A). Amazon or EBay should have shedloads. You might even put out a shout on local Facebook or NextDoor and someone may give you one. 12V 1A (1000mA) would be fine. Just check the connector matches and is wired the same - usually a round connector with the + connection in the centre and the - one on the outside.

July 2021


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