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Regaing my sanity?

Sorry its long
I have a wife who has the idea she knows it all. I suppose many of
you can relate to that.
We have hotpoint washing machine circa 9 yrs old, we have have 3 bearing kits fitted which in itself doesn't go well against originals when machine was new. over 5 yrs before first kit. Used 5 times a week two days two washes.
Th sanity plroblem: Her who posseses to know it all says its because its on chipboard floor saying all other house it was on solid floor. reason for her outburst of knowledge was when some washes done the machine vibrates when clothing bunched, yet its supposed to have anti tangle, firstly drum wash rotates in opposing directions to prevent bunching/ tangling. Some times this ďoesn't work therefor causing rough shaking of machine on spin. This vibrates the soap draw out around six inches and rattle adds to noise. The draw no longer fits flush with casing on one side.
Machine LEVEL FRONT TO BACK AND SIDE TO SIDE. combatting "its not level" to which she adds when shown its level "well its because floor is not solid.' I said "It makes no difference by type of floor"
yes dampers replaced 2 months ago as it used to shake so much it would walk out from under work top, that cured its wandering.

Bob UK
March 2021
Three sets of bearings in only 9 years is not normal. Looks like you guys are really hard on your machine. You need to try and find what is causing the seals to wear out and the bearings to be getting destroyed. If not then you will do the same to any new machine you buy. Your wife is correct when she says if the floor is not solid the machine will vibrate and bounce around. I have seen it many times. Front load washers need a solid floor.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
March 2021
Sounds like the machine has worked hard. Yes, its probably rated for many kg wash load but filling it to the gunwhales load after load is going to take its toll - on bearings and dampers,

After spending out on 3 x bearing replacements and 1 x damper replacement, you might have been better going for a new machine.

Check out this, with a 5 year warranty: SAMSUNG AddWash WW90T4540AE/EU Smart 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine (White) + 5 years guarantee - £359.99 delivered at Currys PC World

March 2021


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