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Replacing the thermostat on a Miele T640?

It is a Novatronic T640 Tumbler Dryer.

It is not heating up and I suspect the thermostat has tripped.

I understand that to get to the thermostat you have to remove the drum; do you have instructions/diagrams to assist in doing this?

Tim D
October 2020
Pulling the drum out because you think that is the way to go but not sure and because you suspect the thermostat has tripped, is a very dumb idea. First you need to fault find using a test meter and confirm what the fault is. Otherwise you could just waste your time. Consider this, if it has a thermostat that can trip and not completely blow or go open circuit, don't you think there would be a reset button somewhere that is easy to access without removing a drum? If you don't have test meter & fault finding knowledge, call out an expert. Usually cheaper than randomly replacing good parts.There are more reasons for not heating i.e. broken wire to element, damaged element, No power going to element (faulty PCB or timer)

Lincoln Appliance NZ
October 2020

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