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Can I repair my Delonghi 900W combi. The top latch has been broken and now?

Do I need to replace the whole machine - I cant see any screws or access to the door. Without the top latch it will close but does not rotate or heat.

Patricia Fisher
June 2020
There will be a number of interlocks that sense door closed, door catch etc., to [prevent stupid people starting the microwave whilst there is any chance the door is not properly closed.

I suspect the missing catch part on th edoor will have a corresponding interlock switch inside the microwave itself.

You may be able to search for and find Delonghi spares. Give it a try - you never know but I doubt you'll be able to find a complete door or part of a door.

It'll probably mean a new microwave.

The good news is that microwaves are not that expensive and anything you do buy should have a decent warranty.

June 2020

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