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Coil for Qualcast Punch 43 Seried 8?

Was given this mower last year. It ran, but was then left outside until this month. Tried to start, but did not fire.Cleaned and re-adjusted the ACT13-3 carburetor,renewd bowl and inlet gasket. Visually checked the magneto, contacts looked clean, magnetism on removable section of the flywheel ok,but no spark on plug or on contacts. I assume the coil is at fault.
Can anyone help with advice or point me in the direction of a replacment coil wiht contacts. Plenty of other magnetos on ebay and lawnmower club site, but not one with contacts.

Karl Schmidt
June 2020
there is a cut out switch usually a black wire connected to a terminal, which some times gets grass or water on it, thus making a short.
make sure it is clean, should get you running again

June 2020
Many thanks,i had seen that one. After a litttle more research I think i have found the identical coil. It is a Villiers produced part, although the Wipac 3 pole unit will also fit.
Once again, many thnaks for taking the trouble to reply.

Karl Schmidt
June 2020
Is this any good?

You may find this thread useful, plus it may be used to post on the site.

Did that help? Please post a reply.
June 2020


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