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zanussi washing machine, model number: FL 1032/A ?

MY ZANUSSI WASHING MACHINE DON'T START. The electric is on the door shut, button on/of is on at this stage the door should lock and start the sequences, do not happen. The door pilot should go on but does't go on and I can open the door.

It happen as I was preparing the machine for a wash, linen in, I close the door, electric on, push the start button but then I cut the power off at the switch as I remember I want to put something else in the machine, I think that action it happen in the same time the machine would start and that caused the fault.

The interlock it looks like connect to a pressure switch by a small tube at the bottom.

Is the switch need to be changed or could be just blocked by the pressure switch?

The machine is a model number: FL 1032/A
Product Number: 914780002

I can't find the original door interlock, can I adopted another one?

Many thanks.

May 2020


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