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Fabric conditioner not emptying?

I have a Hotpoint washer/dryer(Aquarius WDAL8640). The fabric conditioner is not emptying. I have removed the compartment and washed it. Tried to skewer the deep hole below, and put hot water down, but nothing has helped. How can I mend the problem please?

May 2020
The manual should show you how to disassemble the conditioner drawer to clean it.

Manual available here:

May 2020
I wonder if it maybe the water jet that washes the conditioner down the tray. When you open the tray and find the conditioner still there, is it mixed with water or still the same as it is out of the bottle? If there is no water added to it, take a look at the water spray nozzel above that compartment and see if it is blocked..

May 2020

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